zero2sixty - " doesn't matter, man, as long as it ROCKS!"
The Story of The Band...
Fate collaborated with the musical muses to cross the paths of the music lovers who are zero2sixty. Through friendship, encouragement, creativity, and raw talent, zero2sixty owns an eclectic sound that pleases crowds of all ages. You never know which iconic musical legend they will cover next, and every song brings crowds to their feet. Just try sitting still and not singing along!  zero2sixty always entertains with their vocal stylings and musical arrangements of both classic and contemporary hits.        
Band founder and original Bass-player Mike Dudzinski formed a group called "Fusion" in the late 1990s, which focused mainly on the sounds of smooth jazz. Vocalist Michelle Lopez joined Fusion shortly thereafter, followed by lead-guitarist/vocalist John Carnuccio.  Through the years, their style and sound developed into what is today this predominantly classic rock band. After a name-change to zero2sixty, guitarist/vocalist Cam McLain joined this ensemble, followed by drummer Burke Martin, and Mike Duncan on bass/vocals to round out zero2sixty’s sound! 
 Stan "The Man" Fitzgeraldequipment and sound manager, keeps zero2sixty sounding great!  Together, the group brings over 160 years of combined musical experience to create their vibe.
Check our Schedule page for upcoming shows and events. Also check out our Audio/Video page to listen to the band, and watch us in action.
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